1.  Secret Ingredients

Dr Karl looks closely at the ingredients in vapes. Is it just fruity flavouring or is there something more sinister?


Dr. Karl here.

Don’t be fooled by a vape’s tasty flavour.

It’s there to mask the nasties inside.

Chemicals like arsenic and lead that damage the lungs.

Just something to think about.

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2.  Cloudy with a Chance of Cancer

How dangerous are vape clouds? Do they affect the people around you? Find out in this episode.


Vape clouds are harmful, whether you're breathing them in first OR second hand.

There are lots of nasty toxins inside.

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3.  Toxic Traits

What do vapes and superglue have in common? Dr Karl explores one of the toxic chemicals found inside vapes.


Vapes contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals.

Things like formaldehyde which they use in cleaning products,

glue - and mortuaries!

NOT somewhere you want to end up prematurely.

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4.  A Respiratory Story

Dr Karl looks at what happens to our lungs when we vape. The answer will have you holding your breath.


Dr. Karl here.

Vaping’s safe…right?

Research has shown that the vaping aerosol kills off cells in our lungs.

These cells are vital for keeping our airways healthy!

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5.  Puffery

Vape manufacturers aren't just careless; they're sneaky too. In this episode, Dr Karl tells you what the big tobacco companies won't.


Dr. Karl here.

Many vapes contain nicotine, even those that claim that they don't.

Talk about puffery!

This means you could be developing a nicotine addiction without even realising it!

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6.  Vaping Blows

Dr Karl looks at both the short and long-term risks associated with vaping. Just a heads up, they’re not good.


Thinking about having a vape tonight?

Think again.

Vaping can cause breathing difficulties in the short-term.

And the chemicals inside can cause cancer in the long-term.

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7.  Huffing & Puffing

Vaping can do some serious damage to your breathing. Learn more about just how harmful vapes really are.



It could be from vaping.

The chemicals in vapes can permanently scar your lungs, making breathing difficult.

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8.  Up in Smoke

Pfft! Some people think that vaping is safe. Dr Karl explains why this isn’t the case.


G'day, Dr Karl here.

Some people say vaping is safe.

But...that's just a puff of hot air.

One vape can contain five times the nicotine content of a cigarette.

And we know how addictive that stuff is!

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Last updated: June 2022