Formaldehyde, arsenic and lead have all been found inside common vapes. These are toxic chemicals and may lead to serious health issues including cancer. You sure you want to puff this stuff?

The worst part is vapes often have incomplete labelling. This makes it hard to know just how many harmful chemicals you’re putting into your body.

Some of the potentially harmful ingredients lurking in vapes include:

  • propylene glycol (a solvent used in fog or smoke machines)
  • polyester compounds
  • anti-freeze (typically used in the coolant of a car)
  • vegetable glycerin (a liquid derived from vegetable fat).

Other chemicals found in vapes can include volatile organic compounds (found in paint and heavy-duty cleaning products) and hundreds of carcinogenic additives known to be fatal.

Vapes may include flavouring that’s safe in food and drinks but not safe when inhaled.

“Vapes contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde which they use in cleaning products, glue - and mortuaries! NOT somewhere you want to end up prematurely.”

Dr Karl

Last updated: June 2022